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5 reasons why I love blogging

The topic for today’s gratitude challenge is hobbies, which is perfect timing since this is the first post on my new blog site! I am so excited to finally launch the new and improved blog, Chocolate Glazed Life, formally known as Mommy Needs A Diet Coke. Since having kids I have let most of my hobbies fall by the wayside besides the occasional blogging, so I am looking forward to getting more committed to it.  Here is 5 things I love about having a blog.


  1. It helps me laugh at the hard days. Somedays when life is insane, and my nerves are frayed, and I feel like I am on the verge of a mental breakdown, I picture myself writing about that day for a post. And suddenly I realize how amusing the utter insanity of motherhood truly is! When you put your day into writing, it makes your realize how silly the stuff was that was stressing you out.
  2. I will always remember. I want to remember this phase- the exhaustion, the joy, the meltdowns and the laughter. I want to read back on these when my girls are grown and mothers themselves, so I can remember how much they need all the help they can get. And I want my kids to read them and know, that as semi dysfunctional as I was, I truly loved them and tried my hardest!
  3. It helps me know I am not alone. I love it when another mom comments on my posts, or shares them, saying that she too has been there. I love to know that I am not the only one fumbling my way through motherhood. Each post I get to a chance to connect with other adults about my life, without hiring a baby sitter.
  4. It challenges me. As a SAHM now, there is not much that challenges my brain anymore. Switching the blog over to this new site and trying to get it up and running, really stretched me mentally. I had to think about something besides dinner, and stress over something besides my messy house, and it was GREAT! I got to learn new programs, and some HTML coding, new image software and all sorts of fun stuff.
  5. It gets all those thoughts out of my head. When I am having one of those nights when I am unable to fall asleep because my head is spinning with a thousand thought, and my heart is anxious, I can just get up and write it out. I don’t always finish all of them, some are unfinished drafts that will probably never be shared. But it just helps to get it all out of my head and heart and into words.

I really encourage any of you that need an outlet to consider starting a blog of your own! I could use a few more blogs to follow, and it is a great and affordable hobby. Even if you don’t want to make it public, it can be so freeing to sit down and write about those challenges that fill your day!

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