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I was raised in a family

My heritage

I was raised in a family of faith
Of hymns sang around the piano
Of bible stories on tape
Sunday school and church most every week
And bedtime prayers

I was raised in a family of togetherness
Through the hard times
Through the good times
The chaos that only a family of our size can bring
We have journeyed together.

I was raised in a family that belonged to a unique culture
Sometimes too strict, sometimes argumentative
Sometimes I resented my AP upbringing and the odd perspective it added to life
But in my adult hood I can see the good
The steady force of it in my life
The outstretched hands towards the hurting 
The message of grace, now that I am open to hear it

I was raised in a family of noise
Of people talking to each other
And over each other, and at each other
Of kids screaming and playing
Of arguments and laughter 
And when it is silent I feel lonely

I was raised in a family of love
We disagree, we drive each other crazy
We often put our noses where they don’t belong
But at the end of the day no matter what road you wander
You can always know at the end
There we will be- All 80 something of us.  

This is my inheritance, the best gift my parents ever gave
IT has has shaped me and molded me 
Sometimes in painful ways
It is where I began and where I am headed
I am forever blessed 
That this is my legacy, my faith, my heritage

This is me trying to get back on the bandwagon for my weekly challenge. 
(Read about it here) The topic this week is heritage. Why are you grateful for where you came from?

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