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When laughter saves the day

I sat down this morning to write my post for today’s gratitude challenge, topic:laughter. I had a really hard time and started many posts and deleted them. I gave up and decided to go grocery shopping. Good choice because usually shopping with my kids results in either tears or laughter and a lot of times both. 

The many adventures of shopping with little kids,

Let me preface this by saying, I may come across as an even more dysfunctional mother than usual. I blame this on the fact that I have been battling a nasty case of hives from an allergic reaction to meds since Monday night. If you haven’t felt like you are literally crawling out of your skin for 3 solid days before, let me tell you it does not bring out your best. Especially, when your options for treatment are very limited due to breastfeeding. I finally got a safe med today, although it comes with a side effect of drowsiness so I am not so sure my kids will get too much better of a mother any time soon. 

So anyways, back to my account of my many failures as a mother today. I knew I needed groceries today, and I knew my husband wasn’t available to watch the kids. I also knew once I took the meds I couldn’t drive, so I knew I would have to go in all my itchy, loose, slobby clothes glory. I decided Fred Meyer would be my best bet since it involves child care. However I made the fateful mistake to try a new one, which, *gasp* had no playland. Oh well, I figured I could just run through quick like and grab everything I need. 
But than I saw the signs, 70% off all clearance, and seriously, who can resist that?  Which meant my kids and budget were both long past done before I even made it to the grocery part of the trip. 

The girls were nagging me to get one of those car carts and I gave in before we got our groceries. Have you ever tried to maneuver those giant things while bouncing  a hungry 20 lb weight on your hip? I may have taken down a display or two on my way through the store. That is not counting whatever my girls messed up playing dinosaurs in every.single.aisle. Because of course as soon as we started shopping, they didn’t want to actually ride in the cart. This Fred Meyer was set up frustratingly very backwards compared to my usual so it took me approximately 7.5 times longer than it would have otherwise as I ran back and forth looking for everything I needed. 

I finally made it to the register and cringed as I watched the price go higher and higher. And so of course I ended up with a pile of go backs, I just couldn’t justify buying, even for 70% off. The cashier was trying, really trying, to not get cranky with me. But, with my kids bouncing all over and whining and my baby screaming and my missing tags, I didn’t blame him for the regret I saw all over his face for offering to help me. Than to top it all off, my credit card was missing, and my debit card. Thankfully people still take checks, much to my surprise, and I had an old check book kicking around. I paid and headed out  of the store with the cashier chasing me down to tell me I forgot my drivers license.

By the time I had loaded the kids my nerves were totally frayed, I was itching like crazy and my kids were all in total meltdown mode. As I was buckling I muttered about my stupid debit card, to which Bella pipes up, “mom, stupid is a bad word!”. And, in a not so proud moment, I may have said back. “Mom doesn’t really care, I am kind of in the mood for bad words today.” “Mom! You are acting like a stranger! Mom’s don’t say bad words!” At this point I probably should have realized how ridiculous I was being but instead I cranked up some hip-hop, because it was the most likely to drown out the kids and peeled out of that parking lot. I heard Bella muttering in the back “Sometimes, it just isn’t fun to have moms!”. And about at the time I opened my mouth to say back that sometimes, it just isn’t fun to have kids either, I started to laugh. Oh the absurdity’s of an overwhelmed mom! I started giggling and couldn’t stop, which of course confused my poor children even more. When I stopped laughing enough to apologize and ask Bella to forgive me. She says, “Of course mom, people forgive every day.” I am so thankful for the forgiving nature of small children and the blessing of laughter, even when you least expect or deserve either!

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