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Home is where the heart is

A couple of months ago we were given the challenge of downsizing from a 2,000 square foot house into a 900 square foot townhouse. With three kids and 2 borderline hoarders, let me tell you it was not been an easy accomplishment. It is made even more frustrating by the fact that almost 3 months after receiving the offer we still have not closed on our house. So yes we could still, in fact, be living in our house, and we could have celebrated the holidays there as well. And that also means we have not made any progress towards buying our land and starting building, which means we will be living here a few months longer than we had originally planned. But Oh well, what can you do? I know in the realms of many people’s stresses, ours are minor!

I expected to be so sad about moving, but the reality is by the time you are done moving, you are just too exhausted to feel much of anything. And since than, the stress of just wanting to close on the sale and be done, has overshadowed any amount of sadness I could possibly summon up. And besides a house is just a house. We were watching that movie Sisters the other day and there was a really great quote on there, “A house is a building, home is a feeling.” And that is so true! It surprises me how much this tiny place, with the paper thin walls, and absolutely no decor hung, already just feels like home. It is the people here who make it our home.

The most challenging part about this change, has been the fact that my husband works graveyard. He is a pretty sound sleeper and in our old house, I never had to worry about being quiet. But as previously stated the walls here are ridiculously thin and my kids are not exactly known for having quiet natures. Also our bedroom has no lock, so Evelynn randomly goes in to take pictures of him sleeping, or ask super important questions like, “Is tomorrow sunday school?”. We tend to leave the house a lot. Mcdonalds play areas, Fred meyers playland and Ikea small land are our lifesavers. The good thing is it has made me have to be a much more involved mother at home. The bad thing is it has made me have to be a much more involved mother.  Just kidding, but really it is kind of exhausting to have to be ON all the time even at home.I can’t send them to play while I make dinner or clean and I can’t just loose myself in a book or facebook and let the kids run wild, I have to work and play with them all the time. Like right now this simple blog post has taken f-o-r-e-v-e-r because I am doing preschool and arts and crafts at the same time.

One thing I am so glad of, is that we never went the travel trailer route, like we were thinking. I can’t imagine how much more frustrated I would be with our lack of closing if we were in a tiny travel trailer! Even in this place it amazes me how much messier everything seems all the time. I have never exactly been the super clean type, but now no matter how much I work on the house. As soon as the kids play for 2 minutes, it looks like a tornado whipped through. With my mother in law living a few doors down, this has resulted in a few embarrassing drop by visits! I think she lost any false illusions she had of me being at all organized or put together. We all can’t wait for spring park weather!

Really, even though I sound all complainy in this post, it really hasn’t been all too bad. My kids have adjusted very easily, and it is kind of nice to be right in town.  And once the weather gets nicer it will be awesome to have a lot of places to walk to. I am making it my commitment that when it isn’t raining I am not allowed to drive anywhere I can walk to! It is also really nice that we are in a place where no one lives above or below us. It would be so much more stressful to have to worry about annoying the people below us or having people above us keep Julio awake too. I am also excited to get onto the fun part of our plan, buying our land and building our new home. It will all be so worth it in the end!

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