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Oh the places you will Go

After the last couple months of very sporadic blogging and missing most of my gratitude challenges, I am trying to get back on the wagon! We have finished moving and are settled into our little townhouse and the holidays are over so now I should have time for such luxuries again. And the topic this week is travel which is something I get so excited about talking about. One of my favorite things to do is to plan trips either for me or other people. Even if I know there is a good chance they will never happen, it is just so fun to dream.
A few years ago I as lucky enough to get a job with the airline. I started out cleaning planes, which was far from glamorous, but it gave me the luxury of free flights. I jumped around different departments until I found one I loved, crew scheduling. Than I managed to land a husband who also had the benefits, so even when I quit, the free flights keep coming. I can’t say enough for how fun it is to have flight benefits and it has enabled me to have so many opportunities I would not have had otherwise. From taking other people on their own trips to tagging along on other people’s vacations, I have gotten to travel with so many of my friends and family and made some awesome memories.  IT has also been really fun to be able to help other people go who may not have been able to go otherwise.

One of my favorite memories are the opportunities we had to make it to Mexico a couple of times to meet Julio’s grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins. I am so thankful that we got to chance to meet them all, especially as his Grandpa passed away last year. Other favorites are the many Disney trips with my nieces and nephews, my trip to San Fran with mom, and the cruise we went on with some of the family. And now we have started making memories with our little family, taking our kids along with us. They are great little travelers, even when we recently did a day trip to California. I am so excited to get to experience the world with them as they grow up. I hope to expand to more international traveling as they get older and more capable of surviving 13+ hour flights. I am so beyond thankful for my Hubbies job and the benefits it affords us. And I am excited that after years of nagging my nieces and nephews to get an airline job, one finally listened. Now Mariah and Tami and John can join in the fun of non rev travel!

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