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Ode to my car…or rather my van

Why every mom needs a mini van!

Why every mom needs a mini van

Today me and my niece Katelyn loaded up our combined 5 kids under 5 for a trip to the library. We had a great time doing music hour and Explore time and than made the trek back to the van. After getting all the hungry and slightly crazy kiddos buckled I went to turn the key…and click, nothing happened. I had left the headlights on and killed the battery. We sat there for 20 mins with kids bee-bopping and nagging in the back seat until finally a young woman had pity on us and helped us jump the van. And in that few minutes of feeling stuck with a bunch of small kids I realized what my blog for the gratitude challenge today would be. The topic is something I use every day that I am grateful for, and my answer would have to be my van and my drivers license.

You see I was raised in a family of 11 kids. And for most of the years of raising those children my mom had no drivers license and thus no car. That meant she was at the mercy of everyone else for everything from Doctor appointments to grocery trips. There was no loading the kids up in the car and just escaping, when she was on the verge of losing her sanity. There was no running to a drive thru, because she just didn’t have the capability of making yet another meal. There are a great many things about my mom that fill me with a sense of wonder, but the fact that she survived us with no escape plan, is what amazes me the most.

Since moving into this much smaller and cramped place we now call home, my needs for escape are much more frequent and the desperation much stronger. I am so thankful that just outside the door sits my trusty mini van, with car seats to restrain the kids and a tank full of gas to take me to any of the multitude of places that offer me free child care, while I pretend to shop at their establishments. Little grey Odyssey, you may be far from perfect, but oh how I love you and the options of freedom you afford me, as long as I remember to turn out my headlights!

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