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How beautiful is the Body of Christ

My life feels slightly crazy this last couple months, so I find myself very grateful for this gratitude challenge. It is so great for me to take some time so sit down and reflect on the many ways I have been so blessed in my life. If you haven’t read about the challenge here is the post about it Thankful Thursday. This one will be short and sweet, as I am sitting in my disastrous house, with half packed totes lining the hallways and overnight company showing up soon.

The topic this week is my church body, and this is something I have gained a real appreciation for in the last few years. There has been so many changes in my life and in our church in the last few years and the body has ¬†helped to get me through it. I can’t imagine going thru life without these people to encourage me, strengthen me and celebrate with me. Through changes in the pastoral leadership and new faces in the congregation, I have found so many wonderful friends.

Through the hard times of loss that I have experienced, first my dad and than a couple pregnancy loses, there is always someone reaching out to see what they can do to help. Whether it is a meal, a scripture, prayers or just a simple word of caring. All of these meant so much to me when I needed it the most. To experience what it is to be lifted up by those around you in so incredible. When I was in the nursery this week I overheard someone offering help to a friend of mine going through a rough time of her own. This lady was so willing to do anything and everything that she could to help and support. And I realized how much I love that about our church. Someone is always offering to serve, not because they feel obligated, but because they truly want to. It is a beautiful thing to watch the body of Christ surround the hurting.
I love the way they challenge me and encourage me in my walk as a Christian wife and mother. Whether it is in the nursery over screaming babies or at bible study over dessert and coffee. I have been so encouraged and have really grown through these conversations. Not to mention they are just really actually enjoyable people to be around! My favorite past time is talking and I am glad we have many that share the love of gab in our group.

I love the way that my kids are never a burden or annoyance. When I had Felix it was so neat to me how many people seemed to be celebrating his pregnancy and arrival with me. People ohh and aww and gush over every baby that is born in our church, and we are not exactly in any risk of a baby shortage any time soon. I never feel like people are rolling their eyes at my kids, or secretly judging my parenting, they welcome them all with arms wide open!

There is so many many ways that my church body is a blessing in my life, this barely scratches the surface. I am so thankful that I belong to this church and to this body and thank God for the presence of each of them in my life. If you have a church body, what are the ways they add to your life? IF you don’t have one, please find one, I truly believe we weren’t meant to go through this life alone!

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