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Winter time is here…(well almost)

SO I know winter technically doesn’t start for a couple weeks yet, but with temps dropping below freezing this week, it feels like winter is upon us. I am not quite sure how this happened, since in my mind it still should be September. Life goes  just zooming on by! As much as I dislike being cold, here are a few things I look forward to as the days get shorter and the grass gets frostier.

1. Long hot baths, with music loud enough to drown out the sound of the kids creating certain mayhem in the other room
2. Cuddles on the couch in front of the roaring fire with either one of the two men in my life, my baby or his daddy, either will do. 
3. Pumpkin spice black tea with a splash of cream and a packet of truvia
4. Chai Lattes
5. The hope for snow that still bubbles inside me when I see the temps start to fall. Its always so fun and magical…well at least for the first day.
6. Christmas music on the van radio, especially now that little voices join in with me from the backseat.
7. Watching my kiddos experience all the coming holidays! It is all so exciting for them at this age and it doesn’t take much to make them happy.
8. Baking! I have been in such a baking mode the last couple weeks. Thank goodness for a nursing baby whole loves to eat, or I would be packing on  some major pounds for hibrination. (Oh if only moms really got to hibrinate!)
9. Getting to watch my own child in the sunday school Christmas program for the first time. The program is always one of my favorite Christmas events and I am so excited Bella will be old enough to participate.
10. Dreaming of escaping to sun- I go into full on dreamer mode in the winter. Planning so many vacations I know we will never go on, that all involve warmth, sweet warmth! Hopefully we get to go find sun for reals at some point soon. 
11. Christmas Decorations- We were considering not getting a tree this year because we are supposed to close on the sale of our home 4 days before Christmas. However I find myself unwilling to give up the tradition of tromping through the mud, with cold, crying babies and hauling home a tree and decorating it, so that 5 minutes later it can be undecorated, and than all waking up with awful colds the next morning. In spite of all that I still love it and Bella is counting down til tree day. Apparently she has her mom’s gift of remembering the good and forgetting the bad! 
12. Christmas lights- I so clearly remember driving around and counting lights when we were kids. I love doing this with my own kids and driving around and looking at the crazy houses, that go really all out.  Its nice to enjoy everyone else’s hard work without risking your husband breaking his neck to hang your own.

This is a part of a weekly challenge, the gratitude challenge. Read about it here and join in if you would like. What are your favorite parts of winter?

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