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What I love most about open people

If there is one trait that I most admire in people, I would have to say it would be openness. I really appreciate people in my life that are open, because most often they are the ones that stretch me, challenge me and offer understanding when I need it. Openness is one of the things I hope to accomplish in my own daily life.

One way of living openly is to be open to new experiences. Whether this is a vacation, a new kind of food or trying out a new social circle. It is so fun to spend time with people who have that sense of adventure and don’t allow much to hold them back. They are always full of exciting stories and their lives are full of interesting people. 

Another way I love to see people being open, is people who are OK with other peoples opinions. People who realize that you can love and enjoy someone whose lives, and opinions may appear to be different than your own. There is so much to be learned when you can truly listen to someone’s point of view, without feeling threatened or getting full of rage. I enjoy when I find someone who views things different than me that is capable of discussing or even arguing in a constructive, calm manner. In fact that is one thing I miss about being in the working world, was the variety of people I would meet. It is amazing how if you can really discuss down to the heart of the matters, you will usually see how alike you actually are.

But the part of openness that I admire and strive for the most in my life is being real. I love people who are real. Who can admit that they don’t have it all together, and are willing to share their joys, their failures and their pains uncensored. It can be so scary to be real in a world of instagram perfection, but if you can overcome that fear and live openly, you might just realize no one really has it all figured out. I know when I am posting something real, I get so nervous to push share. Whether it is talking about my parenting struggles or pregnancy complications, weight struggles or shortcomings in my Christian walk, it can be so scary to share face to face with a friend or online. You worry that they might think you are over sharing, or a bad mom, or lazy, or unchristian, or whatever it is you fear being judged for. However I find that any time I put myself out there and share I am so blessed with people opening up back to me, or helping to share my pain or celebrate my joys. Things are so much better when you don’t go them alone, I love it when you are feeling so alone in a struggle and you come across a post, or have a conversation with someone dealing with exactly the same issues.  And when you find those friendships where you are totally real with each other,  there is so much comfort in that. Where you don’t have to worry about having your house spotless, your hair and makeup perfect, and all your ducks in a row just to have them come visit. When you can cry about your heartbreak, laugh at your dysfunction and whine about your lack of control over your kids, it is so freeing. I love the real people in my life! 

 I realize that I have been doing not so great about this blogging challenge but in my defense, my life has felt a touch bit crazy lately.  This one is a few days late but I gotta do them when I can, the topic was favorite personality trait (Gratitude Challenge).

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