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DIY Christmas: Money Tree, a creative cash gift

A couple of years ago me and my husband were having an argument of sorts. He had someone he wanted to give cash to for Christmas and I felt that that was too impersonal for Christmas. I came up with an idea to do a cash Christmas tree. I knew someone before must have done one, and I did come across a few on pinterest. However none that were exactly what I was picturing and none that had great directions. This is what I ended up coming with and I decided it would be fun to share with you, in case any of you are stuck on how to give cash creatively.
I purchased a 15 inch Styrofoam cone and green floral wire from Joann Fabric. I also found some tiny ornaments that worked perfectly and a ornament the perfect size for a star. Joann’s has awesome coupons online so you should never pay full price for anything there!
 I went to the bank and got mostly new bills, but I was glad to have older ones mixed in as 
it added more texture, and it was hard to not tear the new ones a time or two. I got about $120 in ones, but I ended up only using about $90 to fill my tree.


It was a very easy but time consuming project. I simply wrapped a piece of floral wire
around each bill. You will want your piece a little longer than it looks in this picture, I must have been holding it unevenly


Fold in in half width wise and than length wise 

Twist the wire to tighten it, and make sure you have a long enough piece to push into the tree


Stick the bill into the tree, and repeat until you are out
 of room or cash.
You will want to alternate the space between them,
 some tighter and some looser. 
That way you have space to include some small ornaments. 
Start at the top and fill downward.
Pack them in as good as you can 


 Wrap a long wire through the hole in the ornament topper and twist to tighten
Twist all the way up the length of the wire to make it hold better and shove in between dollars.
Wrap floral wire around one of the tips of your star and shove it into the top of the tree.
And there you have it a Money Christmas Tree, a fun and surprising way to gift cash this Christmas. 


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