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8 things I will miss the most

This week for the blogging challenge the topic is children. (Read about the challenge here.) I have always really loved kids and even more so now that I have my own 3 little ones. I know that some moms hate it when people say “They grow up so fast!” or “Blink and you’ll miss it!”. But after watching my nieces and nephews grow up I am all too aware of how fast the time does go and before I know it, they will be adolescents, and than teens, and than full grown adults with kids of their own. Thankfully I know that there is a lot to look forward to, and I am excited to watch them grow into their own people and to develop friendships with them. But for now there is so much that I love about having a baby, toddler and preschooler in my home and so many things that I know I will miss.
8 things i love about being a mom to littles mother to little kids

1. Top of the list in my world is the snuggles. There is nothing better than cuddling with your kiddos. Sure I love holding a sleeping baby, but I also love it when my four year old climbs up on my lap for story time or Evelynn comes crying to me for a kiss after a boo boo. I know I will miss these hugs and kisses all day, every day, and I tell myself that when I sometimes want my own space. 

2. THE LAUGHTER. Oh, to remember, that I used to go whole days without barely cracking a smile, let alone a full on laugh. Now not a day goes by that I don’t crack up multiple times a day. Even on my worst and most cranky days, nothing makes me laugh like my kiddos. Although already Bella is starting to get to the age where she gets self conscious if you laugh too much. Like when me and Susan got the full on giggles recounting the Terror in The Tunnel occurrence of Chuck E Cheese. I sometimes have to escape to the other room to laugh so she doesn’t get offended or so that they don’t realize how funny I find the “bad” thing they just did or said.

3. The imaginary play. I know I talk about this all the time but I so totally love listening to them get caught up in their own imaginary worlds. It takes me back to my childhood and adds a sense of magic into our home. I love how easily they are entertained and what they can transport the dining room table, or the bedroom closet into, in their wonderfully powerful imaginations. 

4.  Watching them learn. I love their pride when they learn how to do something new or how their mind works when they are trying to grasp a deep concept. Like when Bella asked Felix after he was born. “Buddy, did you see God when you were in Mommy’s tummy?” Because God lives inside of me and Felix was inside of me, so it only makes sense, right? 

5. The feeling of complete bliss when you get a few minutes alone. The other night I sank neck deep in a scorching hot bubble bath, with Nashville on the kindle and no kids any where in site. And I thought to myself “Someday I will take this for granted, the getting to bathe alone and relax in peace and quiet. I won’t realize how lucky of a thing it is to get to enjoy an hour of blissful solitude.” And than 5 minutes later I took out my headphones and heard the screaming baby, crazy toddlers, and stressed out dad, pulled the plug, and thought “Yep.Someday”

6. Dora, Peppa Pig and the Little Einsteins. And no I am not joking! Yes sometimes the theme songs are enough to drive you crazy and the repetitiveness can grate on your nerves like nothing else. But I love that my kids are happy watching these innocent little shows, where I don’t have to worry about what garbage they are sneaking in or if the themes are too mature for them. Besides, have you heard Evelynn sing the Einsteins theme song? Its the cutest thing I have ever seen!

7. Family time. I love that most every day, all the people I love most are under the roof at the same time. I love that we get to do everything as a family with all of us! Someday we will have to schedule family dinners, or I might have to (ok who am I kidding, GET to) go to Costco alone. But for now almost everything I do I get to do with my kiddos right there under my wing. I know before too long they are gonna be begging to go with friends, or stay home when we go out to run errands. But for now they love being with us and we love being with them! 

8.Being the most important thing in their little worlds. I am not gonna lie sometimes it can be exhausting to hear mom 1,000 times a day, or to constantly have little hands clinging to you, and babies crying for you. But I know someday my house will feel too quiet and I will feel bored and lonely and long for those little cling ons! I love how much they love me and that they think that I hung the moon. Boy will they be disappointed when they grow up and realize I am not quite as magical as I seemed to their 3 year old selves. 

What is your favorite things about the children in your life? Whether they belong to you or someone else, in what ways do the add richness to your world?

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