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5 reasons I love my small town

I realized today as I came down the hill into town, that I failed to complete my last weeks gratitude challenge, about where I live. I figure it is better late than never so 5 days late here is my list of 5 reasons why I think La Center is THE place to live. We have been talking about this topic a bit lately about what we will miss about this town if our plans to sell work out. We love this area and hope by some chance a lot in our price range will come available when its time to build.

1. I love the drive into town especially at this time of year. When you are driving down the hill and into the valley that the town lies in, it is like a scene straight out of a painting. A light fog down on the flood plains beneath the bridge in to town, the orange and red trees scattered in among the evergreens, and wisps of smoke from the chimneys of homes up on the hill. It is so cozy and welcoming!

2. I love the splash park. We have a little park in town with a splash pad that is perfect for my kids age to splash and play in in the summer time. And there is baseball diamonds and soccer fields for when they get older. A lot of hours have been spent at this park!

3. I love the location: We get the small town feel, with all trees and country hills around us, but are a relatively short drive to anywhere. I can be to Susan and moms house in 8 minutes, or walmart in the same amount of time, without a single stop light. We are only 30 minutes from  Portland and all its big city conveniences.

4. I love all the community events. This town really goes all out on the events for a small town. From the our days festival, with tons of free stuff, to the twilight parade or the Christmas tree lighting complete with Santa Clause and fireworks. I love that there is so many events right in town and most are within walking distance.

5. I love love love our library. It is a cozy little two story old building that feels like a library from days gone by. My kids love spending hours there doing puzzles and puppet shows or participating in story time. I love hanging out on the big comfy chairs reading and watching the rain drizzle outside, while they play. Not to mention the staff is so great!

I am so thankful for this little town and happy for the time we have had living here. And if my ramblings made you nostalgic for the small town life, I happen to know a great home for sale! HaHa! In all seriousness, why is it that as soon as you decide to sale, you start to realize everything you love about your home?  What is your favorite things about the town or city where you make your home?

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