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I am an overcomer!

I have spent a lot of the last week thinking about this week’s challenge. The topic is “A challenge that you have overcome”.  (Read about the challenge here )What does that look like in my life? My problem is that a lot of times in life, my battles are one step forward and two steps back. For this reason I hardly feel like an authority on overcoming anything. I was feeling kind of defeated, and thinking that this was defeating the whole purpose of the gratitude challenge in the first place. But than I stepped back and realized that every victory is worth celebrating, every step in the right direction, is one step closer to the woman I want to be. So here is the challenges that I just get to keep on overcoming.

Every day that I play at the park with my kids, without caring what a fool I look like, and every time that I swim with them at a public pool or beach without hiding under a towel. In that moment I have overcome my sometimes crippling insecurity. So much of my life I missed out on, for fear of looking stupid, and I refuse to pass this on to my kids. I want them to enjoy every moment of this life, exactly where they are at. Not wait until they are more fit, or a better dancer, or better at playing a game before they participate.

Every time that I can fall asleep in my husbands arms with the knowledge that he loves me totally and completely just where I am, I have overcome that voice that tells me I am unlovable. I married a wonderful man who treats me awesome, and for some reason I sometimes allow this to make me feel like I am not good enough. Like I need to be more attractive, less difficult, more serving or else he might realize what a short end of the stick he got. But the further we get into marriage the more I can accept that he loves me just as I am, and thinks I am just as wonderful as I think he is. God has made us to perfectly complement each other- just the way we are!

When I can make it through the days with no tears or temper tantrums on my part I have overcome my selfish nature. I love love love being a mom, but when you have 3 kids under 5, it can bring out your best and your worse. When I can tuck my kids in at night and feel like that day I made them feel loved, accepted and cherished, that day I have overcome my self focus.

I have overcome the challenges of having babies and toddler and pregnancies, without a complete mental breakdown, and I feel like I have allowed myself to enjoy the ride. From crazy grocery store visits, to a dysfunctional home, from sick kids, to family vacations. Every day that I go to bed with my sanity intact and laughing at the chaos,  I consider that a day when I have overcome!

So today I am going to celebrate the victories both big and small that I have been seeing in my life in the last few years. I am not going to worry about the losses or let my failures overshadow my wins. Because today I am going to choose to be an over comer!

Come on you know you were all singing this song!


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