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5 of the most influential women in my life and the things they teach me

Today is week 8 in the gratitude challenge (read about it here) and since I missed last week I am determined to get today’s in before midnight. We have been spending the last couple weeks frantically getting our house market ready, and have thought about or done little else. So I missed last weeks topic “Things I take for Granted”, I guess I will just have to keep taking these things for granted. Seriously though I feel like this challenge is making that list smaller and smaller, as I learn to be more grateful. The topic this week is sisters, and once again I don’t even know where to begin. As baby of the family, outside of my mother, there has been no women that have had a greater impact on my life than all my big sisters. So here is something I appreciate about each of them and a lesson they have taught me. I planned to also include my sister in laws, but since I am so short on time, that will have to be a different week!

Tami- I appreciate her ability to cook and throw great parties, but even more than that I appreciate her quickness with hugs. Our family is not an overly physically affectionate family, but Tami is always quick with a hug when she walks in the door, or when you really need one. And she has passed this on the her kids, I still love getting my Zack hugs, and that is pretty rare from a teenage boy. She has taught me to enjoy cooking and how to face life’s challenges head on. I am sure she is scared of things, or intimidated by them, but I sure have never seen it. I hope someday I possess her level of confidence and boldness in life.

Tina- I appreciate her knowledge and her willingness to share it with me. I love hearing what she is learning in school and what interests her. I also so appreciate her relationship with her kids, I love that she truly enjoys her teens. I love her writing abilities and keep holding out hope that she will resume blogging someday. She has taught me so much about parenting with her advice on gentle parenting. And also has taught me the importance of having your own opinions and being able to truly listen to others views on things. She is not only smart, but also wise.

Wendy- I appreciate her love for her husband and children and the fact that she puts them absolutely top importance in her life, only after God. Her heart of service truly astounds me and I remember joking when I first got married, “What would Wendy do?” I only hope that I can be half the wife and mother this woman is! I also really appreciate that every year, she takes the time and energy to plan our awesome beach trip, which is no small accomplishment. She has taught me so much about serving and also about making the decisions that are right for your family, even if it looks different than others. 

Susan- I appreciate her willingness to always help anybody with anything. She is always helping me and others with anything she is capable of giving. Whether it is washing your dishes, watching your kids or helping with a wedding you can guarantee Susan will be there, working her butt off for you. I also love her willingness to plan things. In a family our size someone has to be willing to take the step to make plans, and a lot of times, this is Susan. She has taught me so much about marriage and has honestly been my mentor in my own marriage and family. I am so grateful that I have her to talk to about life and its struggles and that she is honest with me and tells me what I need to hear! 

Diana- I appreciate her great hair abilities, but I appreciate her ability to speak my language much more. Whether I am calling her in tears, scared out of my mind, our laughing over some chaotic situation in my life. She always knows exactly what I need to hear and how to say it in the right way. I guess it is probably from dealing with years of my insanity. She has truly pulled me out of some dark pits, and been with me in all my happiest moments. I have learned so much from her about being true to myself, parenting small kids, supporting my husband, and leaning on God. I really don’t know where my life would be without her love and support. 

The many lessons and blessings I have received from these women could never be contained into one small and hurried post! Sisters really do make the best of friends, and I am so glad my girls have each other.  What have your own sisters taught you in your life?


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