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This will make you see why moms need caffeine in their life

Have you ever looked at a mom and passed a snap judgement on her caffeine and sugar addiction? “Doesn’t she know aspartame kills?”, “Does she honestly spend $6 a day on Starbucks?”, “Doesn’t she know nursing moms should only drink water?” If you have, than please, for the sake of exhausted moms everywhere, read on. Also if you are tired because you were out partying, or reading, or binging on netflix please do not complain to a mom with a giant caffeinated beverage in her hand. Unless of course the idea of a diet coke shower sounds like a good way to start the day. By the end of this account, you will want to buy the next mom you see a venti, quadruple shot something or another. Here is what a night in her life may have looked like, using my awesomely exhausting Friday night as an example. If you get tired just reading this account I do have a great iced coffee recipe to share at the end.

I got home from the soccer game with a screaming baby (who screamed the whole drive) and two sleeping girls. I was feeling rather frazzled from all the crying, I am kind of out of practice on the cranky baby topic, and was dreaming of carrying the sleeping girls in and climbing in bed with my babe by 9. However, of course, when the girls go in the house they woke up deciding they were hungry. Julio gave them a snack and got them in bed by the time I was done settling the baby down. By than it was 10, and after Julio left for work, I decided it was time for an early bedtime. SO I attempted to lay baby down, which than started screaming baby round 2. I tried many many times in the next hour to coax my baby to sleep, before giving in and watching netflix.

Finally around  midnight, Felix decides he is ready for bed. So I lay him down and snuggle into my nice warm bed. And… my eyes pop open. I lay there and toss and turn, over stimulated from bouncing my fussy baby. About 1:30 am I am just dozing off. Suddenly I hear a screeching and pounding coming from what I thought was the girls room. I jump up and run there with my heart pounding and adrenaline pumping. I turn on the light and the girls are laying there peacefully sleeping, and I hear the sound again. I decide it must be some cats fighting or something outside, but I am too chicken to look. I hate being alone at night sometimes! Just as I go to turn the light back off, Evelynn jumps awake. I take her pee and decide to be nice and let her sleep with me, besides sometimes sleeping with a three year old is better than sleeping alone. Emphasis on the sometimes.

Just as I am climbing back into bed Felix awakes for a quick nursing session. I feed him, put him back in his bed at about 2:30 and start to slip away into blissful rest. Just than my door flies open and Isabella climbs in bed with me. Too tired to argue and feeling too mean to tell her no while her sister sleeps in there I let her in.

30 mins later Evelynn erupts into hysterical cries because Isabella dared to touch her. I threaten her with sending her back to her own bed, get her calmed down and tucked in back on daddy’s side. Than of course Felix is awake again. I feed him and snuggle up, and Bella flops on top of me. By than, with my seriously frayed nerves and overtired body, the last thing I can handle is being touched.  I push her back onto her side of the bed, which sets Evelynn off again. OK. I. AM.SO.DONE! I scoop up Evelynn carry her back into her room and deposit her screaming into her bed. I lay in bed for 10 minutes thinking she has to succumb to exhaustion sooner or later. Nope! So I get her, stick her back into bed with a body pillow between her and Isabella, and Bella back on her own pillow. I tell Bella if she touches me again she is out, and finally at 4 am fall asleep. Ahh finally maybe I can squeeze in a few hours.

Or maybe not. 4:45 and Felix is up to eat again. I give up and bring him to bed with us. Than I spend the next 3 hours trying to sleep while also making sure baby is far from his sisters, but not too close to the edge. I just hold my breath that my girls will sleep in since they were up so much in the night. But luck is not on my side,  and at 7 am they are up and suddenly best friends again. I crawl out to the couch and doze off and on for an hour, till TV looses its thrill for the wide awake toddlers. At which point I get up and make myself a giant iced coffee and pray for energy to survive the day.

So next time you see a mom with circles under her eyes, dishing out some hard earned cash for her caffeine of choice, remember that her night very well may have well looked like mine. So give her a smile, reassure her she is doing just fine and offer to pay for an extra shot for her coffee.  And next time you find yourself in need of a well deserved icy beverage, here is my latest favorite.

This requires a batch of the pioneer woman cooks cold brew. IF you haven’t tried it yet-you should! Yummy and easy! I used Starbucks medium roast breakfast blend for my batch this time . Find the directions for cold brew here!. I love having a batch of this in my fridge, it makes my mornings much easier. Besides I need some variety in my caffeine intake. Even I know aspartame all day, every day is not such a great idea.

I have a hang up with drinking calories. Which is funny since I have no problem downing donuts or other baked goods. So I was excited to find this combo, which is low in calories and dairy free. For those of you who care (Obviously not me, judging from my blog name!) There is no fake sugars. Also I am watching my dairy intake, cause it gives my baby issues with digestion. This is a really good option for the dairy free or carb restricted. The coconut creamer keeps it from getting too watery tasting. The almond coconut milk does tend to separate as it sits, so if you are a slow drinker, just give it a good stir or shake occasionally. I found both milks at Fred Meyer in the natural food section.

The Perfect Dairy Free Iced Coffee 
1/2 cup cold brew
1 cup almond coconut breeze
1 tbsp french vanilla coconut creamer (more if I am in a sweet mood)
It is only:
70 calories
5 carbs 
4 grams of fat
Not that new moms should have to worry about such things! 


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