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Thankful Thursday Day 1

I have been wanting to get back into blogging, as it is something I really enjoy. However I have such a hard time sometimes thinking of what to write when I sit down. For this reason I started looking for blogging challenges on pinterest. I was so excited when I came across this idea on for a 52 week gratitude challenge.  Here is the link to view the challenge they have already completed –

I am really looking forward to doing this as I am always trying to find ways to get more of an attitude of gratitude in my life. I tend to be kind of a whiner and complainer by nature and  I know that is no fun to be around. I have so much to be grateful for in my life and I am blessed beyond measure. However when you are tired and buried under 3 kids and a neglected house, it can be easy to loose sight of that fact. I also like the idea of a scheduled posting day to hold me accountable to at least once a week posting.

I took the suggested list of 52 topics and started it this week, modifying it to fit the dates better and changing some of the ideas to better reflect my life. I am really excited to dive into this and to take a little time set aside each week reflecting on the more positive side of life, as well as doing something I love to do, writing. My goal for each week is to stop for a few minutes and think about the positive contribution of that person/thing to my life and what I appreciate about them or it. I want to take some time to remember to be thankful, not just in November but all year long.  I might end up switching topics around a little as I go, but for now here is my schedule.

If any of you other bloggers want to join me on this challenge I would love to have you. You can modify the above topics to be more fitting to your life if you want and there is no obligation to do every week. It would be fun to share this glimpse into your life. If you do decide to do this along side of me, feel free to place your link in the comments below or any Facebook posts I do to share my posts. Lets get thankful!


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