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Reasons I do love fall after all


This is an old photo but I love it cause it is one of the only times our leaves were dry enough to play in

Today is day 3 in my Gratitude blog challenge (read about this challenge here) , the topic is things I love about fall and the timing could not be better. Today has been a dark and dreary sort of day with overactive kids and a low energy mom. So I need to take a few minutes to step aside and think of reasons to be thankful for the changing weather.

The first and foremost reason I love it when fall comes is because it is starts a return to routine.We do not yet have school age kids but when everyone else gets back into a routine it is much easier for us to follow suit. With my husbands schedule of working graveyard over the weekends, our routine might look a lot different than most families, but it is what works for us. This year we have also added in preschool, which we have all been enjoying. After the constant party that summer seems to be, we all need to slow down a bit and get back to real life. 

Another reason I love fall is the food! OF course the standard pumpkin everything is about to make a big comeback in our household, but I am also dreaming of all the soups, casseroles, and hot beverages. There is just something so satisfying about a big warm bowl of cheddar chowder, and it is on my menu for next week. Also next week we are planning a traditional thanksgiving dinner for Julio’s birthday. Yum! My mouth is watering in anticipation! All the true comfort foods only seem to come out in fall. And with no central air, it is just so much more enjoyable to cook and bake when the house isn’t hot.

I am trying really hard to be thankful for the rain, because I know it is much needed in our state this year. But it is a struggle for me now that I have kids, the short days and no outside play adds some extra challenges. However I do have to say I am looking forward to everything getting back to green around here. Our yard has been a crispy mess of brown grass and weeds for the last few months, so it needs a good watering. If I wanted brown, on brown, on brown scenery I would head out to eastern Washington with the rest of the family.

Another thing I am excited about is Bible Study getting started again. I really enjoy the bible study I attend on Friday evenings with families from my church. I don’t attend every week since it happens right at the time my husband is getting ready for work, but I truly enjoy it when I can make it. I love that it brings back the quickly fading tradition of visiting at people’s houses. My kids love to play with their friends and I love the fellowship and studying God’s word. I am so thankful for our group and for a pastor who is truly an excellent study leader. I am so looking forward to kicking it off this Friday. Besides, you know that good food I mentioned earlier? Well we have some amazing bakers in our bible study group! 

I also just find something about fall so entirely nostalgic. Something about the dark evenings, with the fireplace going and the smell of a roast cooking, just takes me right back to my childhood. It feels like at any moment Dad is gonna nag me about homework and I can almost hear mom playing the piano. I have so many memories at the old Questad homefront, cuddled up on the couch, with a good book and the fireplace crackling in the background. I even picked up an actual book today at the library, instead of the cold, hard E books of summer, and I plan to crawl under a blanket with it soon. Ah, maybe fall isn’t so bad after all?!


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