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A quick test to see how much you need a break


I know sometimes as a mom, life can be totally overwhelming. Somedays it can be really hard to tell when you need to step away. Take this fail proof quiz to see if you need a mommy break tonight.

If you woke up with more than one child in your bed:
Add 10 points for each child

If you took a shower while one baby was in the rock and play with a four year old bouncing on his head, and a 3 year old doing her (very stinky) business in the potty right outside your shower curtain:
Add 10 points for each child who entered the bathroom while you showered

If you at any point went into a store with any of your children today:
Add 5 points for each child 
Add 5 points for each store
Add 10 points if you bagged your own groceries  
Add a Bonus 50 points if you at any point tripped over your toddler and fell to the ground with a baby strapped to your chest and a whole store watching you

If you made dinner while bouncing a screaming baby and breaking up wars between the older kids:
5 points for each item you prepared
10 points if it included anything healthy

Look down at the clothes you are currently wearing, how many different types of bodily fluids are on you at this moment
Baby vomit add 10 points
Baby poop add 10 points
Breast milk or formula add 20 points
Toddler boogers add 25 points
Blood of any variety add 100 points

What was your longest stretch of sleep last night?
7+ hours (ok not gonna lie I kind of hate you a little right now) – 0 points
4 hours add 10 points
2 hours add 50 points

If you are PMSing
Add 100 points

If you are pregnant 
Add 1000 points

If your husband has worked more than 40 hours this week, leaving you alone for longer than you had mentally prepped for:
Add 5 points for each extra hour
Add 300 points if he was out of town
Add 1000 points if you are a single mom

How many diapers have you changed today?
5 points for each diaper
25 for each underwear accident

Did you manage to get your whole family dressed today?
5 points for each clothed family member

How many times did you repeat the following sentences: “Stop fighting”  “Get off your brother/sister” “Why in the world are you so whiny?”  “Is it bedtime yet?”
10+ times : 10 points
50+times: 100 points
If you lost count by 10 am give yourself 200 points

 How long did bedtime take when it finally arrived 
30 mins- 5 points
1 hour – 25 points
2 + hours: 100 points

If  you scored less than 50 points:
Wow, you obviously have this mothering thing figured out. You don’t need a break, in fact I think you could handle a couple other kids, maybe 3 extra.  Is it ok if I bring them by at about 7 pm?

If you scored between 50-500 points: You need a break tonight, you hard working woman! You deserve a nice night out on the town where you can get food that isn’t chicken nuggets and conversations that don’t include Disney characters or animal sounds. But in reality you will probably have to settle for a diet coke, drank in the laundry room, while you tell your husband you are “doing laundry” but you are really looking at facebook.

If you scored over 500: You need more than a break mamma, you need a full on vacation. How does a week in Mexico at an all inclusive resort sounds? Sun, Waves, Tropical drinks, and alone time with the hubby? Well the good news is you deserve it, the bad news is you might have to settle for a good cry in the tub with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s .

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