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5 yummy recipes you need to try

The other day I was telling Julio that I didn’t know why I was in such a baking and cooking mood. And than it dawned on me there was two big reasons. First off the weather is cooling off so I can use my oven without turning my home into a pork chop scented sauna. And secondly I reinstalled the pinterest ap on my phone. When you are spending every nursing break scrolling through delicious pictures and recipes, it inspires you to get cookin! I have actually had a few pretty good successes that I wanted to share with you guys.

1. Any of you who follow me on facebook saw the giant pineapple whip we devoured on my recent vacation. We drove through Los Angeles traffic for that bad boy and it was oh so worth it! I love that stuff and was so excited when we found somewhere to get it out of Disneyland. Even better, now I found a recipe that comes pretty darn close to replicating it at home! I know it isn’t the exact same since Disney’s is dairy free, but it came way closer than I had expected. We tried a recipe before this that called for cool whip, that was good but not near as yummy as this one!  Costco sales big bags of frozen pineapple and we used about 7 cups of it for the recipe. We also put it in our ice cream maker for about 5 minutes instead of the freezer. I can’t say enough good stuff about this recipe!

2.  I bought some pork chops on sale meaning to throw them in the crockpot. However as is my usual style, I forgot until about 4 pm. This left me scrambling to pinterest to look for a recipe. I am not too disappointed in myself though because I found a new recipe to put in my rotation. Full disclaimer though, me and my hubby had different opinions on this. He liked them but preferred the crock pot style, I thought these were much better. He has a weird things with texture and felt like the breading got too soft baking in the sauce, but I really liked the texture and the sauce it ended up with. The only thing I changed was using coconut oil (I was out of butter and almost every other oil) and adding some of my favorite cajun seasoning. This made about 6 big boneless chops.
3. I loved Olive Garden’s Garlic Herb Chicken Con Broccoli and I was so disappointed when they took it off the menu. I decided to search for a copy cat and came up with this winner. I used boneless skinless tenderloins, and bow tie pasta and it turned out so so yummy!  I haven’t had the original in years so I am not sure how close it is, I only know how delicious this one was. My husband requested to make this a regular menu item. The flavoring on the chicken is superb!
4. As mentioned above I have been out of butter and kept forgetting to buy some when I went to the store. After months of being diabetic when pregnant, I pretty much need something sweet every day of my life. For this reason I found myself searching coconut oil chocolate chip cookies when I found a stray bag of chocolate chips in my pantry. I had my serious doubts after taking the dough out of the fridge and was regretting doubling it when I saw it was all hard and crumbly.  

However I wasn’t about to waste a full cup of coconut oil, so I smashed it into balls, and put them in the oven. I was so glad I did! These were seriously the best chocolate chip cookies I think I have ever made. If you use extra virgin coconut oil they will have a very slight coconut taste, which we love around here. I made them again today, just for the pictures, not because we at the whole batch in like 24 hours last time. I used my large cookie dough scoop and baked for nine minutes. They still looked pretty under done but turned out perfectly gooey and chewy when they cooled completely! 
Coconut oil chocolate Chip Cookies

5. I saved the best for last- this is the recipe that just kept on giving. This chicken and sauce is seriously to die for! I doubled the sauce recipe, added a whole bunch of cilantro and made it with chicken tenderloins. It is fairly spicy so I cooked the chicken completely in the skillet and kept my kids portions out before heating the rest in the sauce. We had it over rice the first night, saved the left over sauce and had it with more chicken on the second night. The third night I thickened the sauce with a rue, added some extra cream, fried up some more chicken, mixed it in and served it over mashed potatoes. The last night was the favorite for me and Julio, it was awesome with the creamy rich potatoes. 
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