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The Friday Five

So I realized that I failed at my first follow up week of the Friday Five. However I was out of town from Friday until late Monday night so I figured any goals would be hard to stick with. I pretty much just continued my goals from week one on to week two once I got home. I will start with recapping how I did on each goal.

My first goal was to spend 10 minutes of alone time each day with the kids. I hate to say I didn’t do really great on this, even though I really do want to start this habit. It was harder than I anticipated to get the time alone but I did spend a lot more time with my kids having fun with my undivided attention, so I won’t call this a total loss. I am going to keep trying this one because I do think it is a great goal!

Second was my screen free time from 10 am – 1 pm. This has been so totally awesome! And other than a stomach flu day I have stuck to this and it will now be a permanent thing in our house. Even my husband has started turning off the TV at 10, although I haven’t been able to convince him 3 hours phone free would be a good thing. I find that I do so many more fun and teaching activities with the kids when I am not constantly checking my phone. I also get way more projects done without the frequent interruptions from notifications on facebook or emails.

The $20 a week thing has also been great and will be a permanent thing in our family. I didn’t do it the second week since I was out of town but around home it has made me so much more aware. It is good for me to realize what I am spending and to prioritize where my money is going.

My Fourth goal of folding a load of laundry a night worked well for the first week. However I have been doing horrible this week and the laundry is piling back up. Why oh why am I so bad at laundry?

My fifth goal was to get out and exercise at least 3 times a week. The first week I did do good on it by taking the kids for evening walks. However this week it kind of totally slipped my mind and I was back to my lazy self.

All in all I found 3 things that worked great for my life and made things a little easier around here. And I did find that this helped to make me live much more intentionally so I am going to stick with my Friday five. Anything that helps me get a little less dysfunctional can only be a good thing. So here are my five for this week.

Clean sinks– I am going to make it my goal to clean all my bathroom and kitchen sinks nightly before going to bed. This was one of the many housekeeping tips I have come across on pinterest, so I am going to give it a shot. I go to bed with a sink full of dishes way too often and my bathroom sinks all too commonly have toothpaste drips lining them.

Potty Training– I have to make active progress with Evelynn and her potty training. She is so ready and does great when I have the energy to deal with it, I just get too lazy. This week I am trying to at least start out each day in underwear and see how she does at home.

Consignment– I am trying to get all my girls clothes that are too small consigned so that I can have credit to buy Bella some new clothes. She is growing like a weed and needs some winter clothes. I am going to go through at least one laundry basket, iron it and drop it off at the consignment store this week.

Outside Time- In winter I find that if I am not intentional about getting outdoors we never do. I am making it my goal to spend time with the girls outside at least 3 times this week. Since the rainy days are starting this week, if I don’t take advantage when the sun peeks out, we will never get any fresh air at all!

Eat Healthy some of the Time– I am always so all or nothing with my eating and I am having a very hard time getting back on track 100%. I can not let this discourage me from doing it at least part of the time so I am aiming for at least 75% on plan meals this week. I need to stop letting my little slip ups turn into jumping totally off the wagon.

I am looking forward to starting on my new mini goals and keeping up with some of the ones from last week. I find that being intentional in small areas of my life makes me a better mom and wife, and I can use all the help I can get!

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