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Shop til you drop (toddler style)

So last Saturday I had the unfortunate idea to go grocery shopping. Yes, in hindsight I do wonder what I was thinking heading to winco on a Saturday morning with two toddlers vs. one me. But alas, I did not think it through, so I loaded up the kids, grabbed the spare  Iphone and headphones for entertainment and headed down I5.

As I picked up speed on the freeway I looked down and realized that my speedometer didn’t seem to be working, also my gear indicator was flashing on drive. Just as I was ready to pull to the side my van stopped shifting and wouldn’t pick up speed. I pulled over and turned it off and back on and prayed it would run enough to get home. I started back up and going about 20 mph on the freeway, with my hazards flashing, got to the next exit turned around and took the back roads home. We made it home ok and it was an issue my hubby had been anticipating and should be an easy fix once the part comes in. I should have just taken that as a sign to spend the day at home, but instead I switched around car seats and headed out in the Kia.

I got to winco and upon unloading realized I had forgotten the extra Iphone. Now this may not seem like a big deal but I have learned that grocery shopping goes at least 1,000% smoother if they each have a phone with Dora. But I decided I would “rough it out” and let Bella look at books and I headed in, praying I would find the one toddler cart that winco has that holds two kids. Seriously, why would a grocery store that is made up primarily of big family shoppers, not have more carts that hold multiple kids? It makes grocery shopping alone very hard when you are trying to pile groceries in the back around a squirmy  toddler.  But on this rainy and dreary Saturday morning all that is left is a rain soaked one seater with poor steering.

I settled Bella in the front with some books and Evelynn in back with Dora on my phone and her headphones on and started shopping as quick as possible. However going through winco on a Saturday is a little like maneuvering through a mall on Christmas eve at about 4 pm, so nothing was quick about it. I finally made it half way through and all the way to the back of the store with relatively little disasters, when Evelynn announces (quite loudly) “I peed mom!”.  I check her and sure enough she is a little wet, I am not sure if it is from the wet cart or if she actually peed but seeming how she is hanging out with my produce I am not taking any chances. I quickly run to the bathrooms, of course all the way in the front of the store, and unload kids and purses because carts aren’t allowed in the Bathroom.  I change the baby and ask Bella multiple times if she needs to use the restroom. Of course she assures me no and I go to get them back in the cart. However the very small toddler size space that had been in the pile of groceries was no longer there after all the rearranging and so now I am left with one walker.

I know this won’t go well having one loose so I go quickly to the meat department, all the way in the back of the store. And just as I am comparing sausage prices Bella starts dancing, “Mommy I need to go potty really bad!” And just like that, there we are racing back to the front, unloading purses and kids and back into the bathrooms. After both kids going potty and hand washing I was almost ready to abandon my full cart and head home. However, I knew that would just result in having to come back again on another day and start all over again. So instead I run supermarket sweep style through the grocery store throwing random items in my carts, as the three year old clings onto the edge for dear life, throwing random items out of the cart.

By the time I get to the checkout line, I have already long since mentally checked out, so at Evelynn’s request I lift her down to help unload the groceries. But as I am unloading I look up and there she is, standing next to the donut and candy display, loading up one of those handheld baskets with all sorts of goodies. I run and grab the basket and as I am putting them back in their spots, I glance down our lane to see Bella climbing up and “bagging” my groceries for me. I know she is just trying to help so I try to be patient and show her how, when I hear the cashier gasp. Right behind me in the empty check out lane next to us Evelynn is standing on the conveyor belt and playing with the card reader. By this point I am literally sweating bullets and ready to lay down and throw a temper tantrum in the aisle like the kid a few lanes over. All the while there is this mom is standing behind me with her one little angel toddler (which apparently is the only acceptable amount of kids to have at winco) staring at me like I have two heads, and no parenting abilities.

I tell the cashier, in what seemed like a nice enough way at the time, that they really need to accommodate moms of multiple kids better. That this is the only store I can never find a cart to fit my kids. And I slam my groceries into whatever bag they fit in, while contemplating leaving them all there and possibly my children too and going running screaming from the store. While I am bagging I hear the cashier and another lady, who was at least 3 people behind me in line, because this is the amount of time it takes to bag while chasing down the cart with your two year old in it being pushed rapidly away by her big sister, talking about how rough it is having kids that close in age. And the cashier brings me my receipt, puts her hands on my shoulder and says. “Thank you so much for shopping at winco, we really really appreciate your business” and on and on. Apparently she could see how much this trip cost me not just financially but mentally and emotionally too. And this my friends, is why so many of my grocery trips end with a large diet coke, a huge fatty donut and than family nap time!

Good thing they are so cute!


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