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The Friday Five

So my husband laughs at me and my love of having mini goals for the week or month. However I find that these really help to keep me focused and to work on my life one little step at a time. I decided that I am going to make this a weekly thing of committing to five things to work on for the week. I know friday might seem like a strange day to start it on but since Friday is the start of my husband’s work week it makes sense for us. Next Friday I will check in on how I am doing on these goals and lay out my new ones, or which ones still need work for the following week. If any of you want to post your own mini goals for the week I will check in with you as well. And no it doesn’t have to be five!

My first goal is to start spending 10 mins of individual time with each of my kids every day. I recently heard on one of my mommy podcast, how this one child development specialist says that is her number one piece of advice to every parent. According to the moms talking about it on the show it makes a huge difference in attitudes and behaviors for both the kiddos in the moms. So whether I am working on letters with Bella or reading books to baby I am going to give my kids of a minimum of 10 minutes of their own mommy time this week.

Second I am going to start a “screen free” time for me and the kids. Between 10 am – 1 pm there will be no TV, computer or phone use (other than calls or music). This is the time of day my kids play best, right before nap, and I waste it a lot of time. Instead of playing with them or getting housework done I waste a lot of time scrolling, clicking and liking!

Third I am continuing me and my husband’s $20 a week commitment. We are starting a new thing where we each get a twenty dollar bill at the start of his work week. This is our money to spend however we want, redbulls for him and sunday lunch for me, but when it is gone it is gone. It doesn’t sound like it should be hard but since I am an absent minded spender it is good for me to have a visual on how much I am spending. It really slows down my stops for diet cokes or runs through fast food.

Fourth I am going to try to put away at least one basket of laundry a night. I am pretty good at washing and drying but my clean clothes pile has a way of becoming a huge mound. And it really bothers me and serves as a constant reminder of my lack of housekeeping strength.  I really strongly dislike laundry but maybe if I set my goal small on this one I will actually stick to it!

My fifth and final goal is to make myself move more. I have gotten very, extremely lazy this summer. After dealing with nausea and fatigue for so long I forgot how good it feels to be active. But since I always jump in with these way high goals I never stick with I am starting small this time. I have to do something active at least 3 times this week. It doesn’t matter what it is or for how long I just have to get moving!

I am looking forward to getting started on my little goals and see how it makes me live more intentionally. I would love to have any of you join me with anything you want to work on in the next week as well.


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