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6 Random Observations

Time for 6 more things that I have observed or learned in the last few weeks.

1. Postpartum weight loss struggles have nothing on post miscarriage weight loss struggles. At least when you have a new baby it is easier to distract people, and yourself from your squishy midsection or keep it hidden behind your adorable little baby. After a miscarriage it can be so hard to have nothing to show for the months of sickness and tiredness besides a nice spare tire and an equally large medical bill.

2. I NEED my long soaks in my tub on stressful days. Our hot water heater has been randomly shutting off for the last few weeks and totally quit working this week. Thanks to my awesomely capable husband it is fixed now. But let me tell you I missed those baths like crazy. When my kids are driving me batty, or I am stressed, depressed or anxious that is my stress relief. That or a tasty dessert after bed time, but since I am trying to deal with the previously mentioned spare tire, that has also not been an option as often. I am so so excited to soak in the tub after the kiddos go to sleep tonight.

3. I read an amazing book this week called “Keep your love on”, it taught me so much about myself. Mainly that I need to be more powerful and intentional in my relationships. I always have the choice to connect and the choice to choose to act in a way that benefits my relationships. And to always be intentional in choosing to keep my love on! I would highly recommend the book, it was a short but very thought provoking read, and I have already used the principals to avoid fights and hurt feeling in my marriage this week. And even though my husband did not read it it has really sparked some great conversations that opened my eyes to more of his wants, needs and feelings in our relationship.

4. I have had this reoccurring dream my entire life where all my teeth are falling out of my head. After having it a couple times in the last few weeks I decided to ask Dr. Google what it meant. Now, I am not a huge believer that dreams have meanings, but I found it very interesting that  it is a common reoccurring dream, usually during times of anxiety and depression. I am curious now to know if other times in my life I have had this dreams have been at emotionally challenging times as well.

5. I have learned to not keep a glass of water on the same nightstand as my charging phone. Unless my pillows are somehow attached to my bed. Yup my phone is getting its second getaway at the rice spa. It survived a plunge into the toilet at the young innocent age of 2 weeks old, so hopefully it can handle a dousing by ice water now. Although Julio did warn me the screen was glitching when he powered it off which makes me quite concerned. If you somehow don’t know this yet – rice is the miracle worker for a smart phone.  If you happen to drop your phone in a toilet, or if it gets caught in the war path of a wayward pillow, power it off and cover it in dry rice for 48 hours. This has worked numerous times for me and many others, now please, please let it work again!

6.  I hate to complain about weather but I do hate that that summer is almost really over. In our family we have 4 seasons: Summer fun season, Cold and flu season, Urgent care season, and than sniffles and snuggles season. Last year between October and March I honestly think our longest stretch of all of us being healthy was about a week. I am really really not looking forward to this and upping all of our vitamins in anticipation. Not to mention this new respiratory virus going around this year has me mildly freaked. Bella has been doing so great with her Reactive airway this summer that I am really hoping maybe we have outgrown it. And I am hoping and praying that this winter will be better than the last few.

This hardly sums up all that I have learned in the last month. I could probably write a book about that, as it has been a month of many lessons, most of them not all that fun. I am sure there will be more in depth blog post on those in the future. For now I am looking forward to a new month and new adventures in the wonderful world of baby raising. Even if that new month bring us that much closer to the dreaded illnesses sure to come and lots of snuggling on the couch. For now I better start stockpiling Kleenex, NyQuil, chewable vitamin D and baby Tylenol!

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