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Just another day in paradise

I decided it might be fun to do a play by play account of a day in the life of toddler mom. I figured today is as good of a day as any. This may not be my typical day but I can tell you my days look like this more often than not. My biggest failure as a mother is that I am not so great at routine and sitting at home even when I know it might be the best option for us all. Anyways here is my day today (please don’t judge!).

5:30 – Your one year old sits up in bed wanting to talk and play. Somehow she is rested in spite of a rare night of co sleeping due to her inability to stay asleep due to coughing. You talk to her in nice soothing tones, get her a drink and pray she will fall back asleep. Maybe going to sleep at 1 am wasn’t the best choice.

6:00 – Just as the baby dozes off, your 3 year old comes stumbling in. You half asleep pull her into bed and with one baby in each arm listen to her babble sleepily about rings and going to the beach. Finally she mercifully falls back asleep and you lay there and try to sleep without moving, while you are sweating hot but too scared to move the blanket and risk waking one or both girls.

7:00- Baby wakes up again so you rub her back and plead for more sleep.

7:30 – The three year old wakes up and you send her out to play with her cousins who stayed overnight before she wakes up her sister.

8:30- After being pretty much awake for 3 hours and laying in bed looking at your phone for the last hour, just so your baby would sleep, you finally get up. As soon as you do, a full meltdown begins from the baby you betrayed so severely by daring to leave her alone in your bed.

9:00 – You rush around trying to get the house picked up and your 2 kids and their 3 cousins ready for the 9 am soccer game you promised to be at for once. You wonder if you should go with sick kids but think that maybe the sun (haha) and fresh air  would be good for them. You try very unsuccessfully to hide the fact that you woke up horribly on the wrong side of the bed, or maybe it was that you woke up with 3 people smashed in your little corner of the bed. After various trips back and forth into the house and a garage door that refuses to stay down, you finally pull out of the driveway with the kids munching on their super healthy snack mix breakfast your flung together.

9:30 – You arrive at the soccer field and realize somehow the 4 year old made it this far with no shoes on, so you dig around and find a much too small pair of slip ons for her to wear. After which you hike down a huge flight of outdoor stairs and across a giant field to the soccer game, which is already at half time. You feel like every parent on the field is watching you stumble down the stairs with a fussy one year old in your arms, camping chairs and a purse on your shoulder. Then there is the two giggly, twirling, very slow toddlers behind you, a 6 year old carrying 2 giant blankets and an 8 year old carrying coats and chairs. When you sit down your realize just how cold it actually is and instantly feel like a horrible mom for bringing your sick kiddos out in this. So you do your best to bundle and wipe noses and juggle your crying (very awful pathetic cries if I might add) baby until your guilt gets too strong and you take her up to car.

Jude and Bella trying to stay warm

10:15 – Get loaded into the car with the three toddlers and send the older two with auntie Susan. You rush home and quickly put the house into a somewhat acceptable state before your husband gets home. Because there is few things as a stay at home mom that make you feel worse than when your husband gets home from a 15 hour day and the house looks like a tornado just whipped thru it. Than as you head back out to the van with three full sippy cups, you fall down the last stair. Your knees and toes are skinned and you are covered head to toe in juice. However you can’t help but smile when Olivia chooses that moment to so sweetly asks, “Carrie, are you grumpy?”

2:00 – Arrive back at Susan’s house for some sister time and to get your hair colored after driving around for over an hour to get the babies to nap since you knew that would be the only way it was going to happen today.

3:30- Chase your babies around the yard mid highlights with hair foils blowing off in the gust of wind and your cape fluttering around you. Than do your best to stop them from destroying other peoples houses or getting seriously injured, while also getting your hair done and enjoying your sisters,nieces, mom and auntie’s  company. And when you fail at stopping destruction its time to wipe up crumbled no bake cookies and piece together grandma’s wiped out toy room.

6:30- Grab a quick dinner at burger king while your kids run around the restaurant like crazies. Tell them 52 times to sit, force feed them chicken nuggets and wipe up a minimum of 10 spills, all to get 30 extra minutes of visiting in before Diana leaves town.

7:45 – By the time you get home your kids are as exhausted as you are. And they both are starting to show the effects of your unwise choices for the day, which means they both want you and they want you all to themselves. You try to get them to compromise and spend the next 20 minutes rocking two screaming kiddos and singing hymns with an almost desperate tone, alternating between feeling guilty and feeling sorry for yourself. And than they relax and start to doze off and you kiss their heads and you smell their hair. You feel the weight of their bodies on your arms and your songs become songs of praise and mercifully they are asleep. And even though you waited all day for bedtime you just can’t quite get yourself to lay them down. You apologize for your shortcomings and vow to do better


9:00- You make your husband a delicious dinner of Tuna fish sandwiches because frankly that is all you are capable of tonight. And as you sit down to grab a few precious minutes with him, since this is the only 20 minutes you will see him all day, the baby starts to cry and cough. You go in and realize her sippy cup exploded, so your husband changes the sheets while you change the baby. Than you decide to steam treat her to help the cough. And than as you are rocking her to sleep again, you hear your husband head out the door to work without so much as a goodbye kiss.

11:00 – You read through your day after just reading of story of a family from the community that lost their husband and daddy today and all you can see in this day is blessing. Blessing that you woke up with your babies and tucked your babies in bed, blessing that you got to spend time with your sisters, mom and nieces and nephews. And so blessed that you got five minutes to sit and chat with your husband because tonight a wife is wishing and praying and dreaming for just 5 more minutes across the table from hers.


  1. First of all….it gets better!! I'm exhausted reading about your (probably normal to you but I had forgotten what it was like back then!) day and I have to tell you….you're a much better and more attentive mom than I ever was. You're doing so great and those beautiful girls are lucky to have you. I've been catching up on your blog and just feeling prayerful for all you've gone through with your miscarriage. 🙁 and I can totally hear you through your writing. Clever and interesting and funny.

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