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Mickey and Minnie Bash

Today I just wanted to share a few pictures from my daughter Isabella’s Mickey And Minnie Mouse 3rd birthday party. I don’t usually do this but since I love browsing other people’s party pictures I figured I would join in.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday Party on a budget affordable children's party

Since we recently did a Disneyland trip we decided on a Mickey and Minnie mouse themed celebration. I started watching for clearance after Christmas and was able to find some really good deals on things to use for the party after each major holiday. I love to do this that way I can throw a fun party without blowing through a ton of cash.

A simple balloon garland made of blown up balloons tied to
 curly ribbon was placed above vinyl window clings 
(which I got for $1 after valentines day). 

One of the other accents for the table were these Mickey and Minnie candy dispensers that I got during after Christmas clearance for 75% off and filled with valentines clearance candy, also 75% off.

The centerpieces were made from dollar store foam balls spray painted and hot glued together to make Mickey and Minnie heads and a 3 cut out of scrapbook papers. I put this in the flower pots that were used for Isabella’s baby shower and now all 3 of her birthdays.

The birthday girl with 2 of her cousins.

The kids loved doing the Pinata which was filled of course with Easter Clearance candy bought at 50 and 75 % off sales.

The weather went downhill in a hurry so we had to move the party inside for dessert. For this reason the dessert table was not quite as cute as I had hoped but it still worked out just fine.

I got this tiered stand for my wedding and have used it so many times since than. This time it held the cupcakes with a set of Minnie mouse ears as the topper.

Mickey mouse shaped rice krispy treats with chocolate, Mickey mouse oreos,  and Caramel chocolate covered pretzel rods. As a side note I got a killer deal on the melting caramels too.

Quick and easy cupcakes baked at home and topped with cupcake toppers ordered on Amazon after Valentines day.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful birthday girl!

The treat bags were just cheap brown paper lunch sacks, dressed up with scrapbooking stuff I had on hand. Inside were Mickey and Minnie bubbles, pencil sharpers and suckers  that I got on clearance after Valentines day.

The moral of the story is that as long as you settle on a theme early you can do a fun party with lots of cute details without breaking the bank. Of course it does help that Isabella’s birthday falls right after Valentines and Easter allowing me to take advantage of holiday clearance. I am pretty happy with how this one turned out especially because the day of was chaos and most of the stuff was thrown up last minute, I was still frosting cupcakes one hour before! But I love throwing parties and watching for good deals and trying to do it cheap is a lot of the fun for me.

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