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Blanket forts and other things



So it has been a very long time since I attempted any poems and I am slightly rusty. However I have been thinking of this one for a few days and decided to put it down in writing. These are just some of the things I hope to never forget about the toddler days, as I know all to soon they will be over. 
Blanket forts
Cheeks flushed from play, hair all askew


Squeals of delight as they discover wonders anew


A magical kiss that cures every ail


Imaginary sand beaches, buckets and pails


The kitchen table turned blanket fort, mess all around


Another shoe missing, to never be found


“Mommy, Mommy” said hundreds of times of day


Eyes closed, heads bowed,  as they start to pray.


Climbing and clinging on you like monkey bars


Whatever you are doing they never are far


A babe in each arm, a pile of dishes in the sink


Chaos and noise till you can’t hardly think.


Exhaustion to a level that you never could dream


And a heart so full it might burst at the seams


The relief you feel when they both fall asleep


The whole new appreciation for quiet and peace


You stand over their beds and watch as they slumber


The ways they have blessed you could never be numbered


You think of the moments the good and the bad


All of the joy, stress, love and tears that this one day had


And you hold them close, hide them in your heart


And pray you will never forget even one tiny part


As they say the nights might be long but the years they are short


And you will never regret a day spent in a messy blanket fort.


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