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Disneyland with toddlers (behind the scenes)


Standing on the same spot we were engaged 5 years prior

We just returned from a very fun and very exhausting 4 night trip to Disneyland and southern California. If you have never needed a vacation to recover from your vacation than you have never traveled with toddlers! I really aim for honesty in my mothering so I thought I better share the rest of the story that you won’t see in my hundreds of shared pictures. I never want to be one of those moms that pretend to have it all together, in fact I am not even sure I have it all together enough to pretend anyways.  Following are just a couple of the deleted scenes.

Scene #1
Tuesday Afternoon Disneyland main street
Isabella’s reactive airway was acting up due a very poor mothering choice of night swimming on Monday night, leading to coughing fits resulting in vomiting. And of course we did not think to pack the nebulizer. We thought we had it under control until right before her turn to meet Mary Poppins. As we pulled our double stroller up she started hacking and coughing, and of course vomiting. Mary Poppins bless her heart stayed in character and in her British accent started giving advice. “Oh yes Daddy you may want to get her out of there…um yes it is still coming up.” Even Burt joined in, “I remember once when I saw a child get sick on a carousel it was a horrid thing.”  It was quite entertaining even if I felt like I earned worse mother of the year award by laughing a little. Sorry but coughing/vomiting fits are regular part of life around here.

Scene #2
Tuesday Tarzan’s treehouse
After yet another poor mothering choice of taking the babies on Pirates of The Carribean I had two rather jumpy anxious toddlers on my hands. I kind of forgot how dark and creepy that ride was, not that they saw any of it with their faces firmly planted in me and grandma’s chest. I decided I would take them up to Tarzan’s treehouse while everyone else went on Indiana Jones. That seemed harmless enough. Isabella was having the time of her life, that is until the stuffed pouncing tiger. She took off running and screaming leaving me carrying Evelynn chasing her down staircases and rope bridges. Finally I caught up with her and had the privilege of carrying two 30 lb toddlers down what felt like 1000 or so stairs back to the double stroller.

Scene #3
Wednesday Guest drop off area Disneyland
We pulled up to the drop off area ready and excited for day #2 of Disneyland adventures. Alyssa sweetly grabbed Evelynn out of her carseat and went to put her in the stroller when I noticed a vulgar smell. I glanced at baby and saw poop up her back almost up to her neck. I quickly scooped her back in her carseat and everyone else headed back to the park while we headed back to the hotel for a full bath clean up of the poopsplosion and arrived at the park about 45 minutes later. Lets just say by noon this day I had been pooped on, puked on, peed on and bled on (baby also got a bloody nose).

Scene #4
Red Lion Hotel, Anaheim
We arrived back at the hotel on Thursday night of course exhausted from days of walking around the park. I noticed I was feeling kind of nasty as I bathed the kids to try to warm them up after a rainy evening at the park. By than it was obvious all the layers and warm coats had not helped them avoid getting another winter cold. I was worried that their ears were bothering them as well so after the bath I decided to give them Benedryl. I did not want to try it for the first time during the flight, and I was very worried about the pressure and their ears. So I got them snuggled in and sound asleep, for about 20 minutes. Evelynn woke up screaming about the same time I ran to the bathroom to throw up for the first time. Lets just say that that was the longest night of my life, and I have had a lot of long nights! Evelynn screamed pretty much non stop until 4 am, while I ran back and forth to the bathroom and Isabella (who I guess gets delusional from benedryl) babbled nonsense about her friends leaving and eating her popcorn. Needless to say we might as well dump the rest of the bottle down the drain I can’t picture ever using that stuff again!

Scene #5
Get me home, now!! 
Our alarm went off at 5 am and it was time to go traipsing through the airport with a party of 8, a double stroller, 2 suitcases, a giant portos bakery bag and everyone’s carry on bags ect. I was walking through the airport with a rolling stomach and literally a sweaty brow from the effort of not vomiting on airport staff.  I have never prayed so hard for a flight as I did that day. Since we were flying standby I had no idea if I would even get to have someone sit next to me to help with baby in case I was sick. I was picturing me trying to care for a baby with rupturing ear drums while I barfed in a sick bag. After texting some of my sisters for serious prayer back up and a quick prayer with my mom we all managed to get on board and Julio even got to sit next to me and baby. Amazingly the flight went pretty well, no screaming babies and no public vomiting. And we managed to make it all the way to our house in spite of the very large amount of snow. I spent that day in a daze on the couch with what I thought for sure was food poisoning, until my hubby came home the next day barfing. And now poor Bella and Evelynn are both sick with colds and stomach issues as well. Such is the price of fun in this household.

All of this aside it really was a great trip and worth all the effort! I am so glad I had mentally prepared myself that I would be experiencing a different side of Disneyland now that I had toddlers. And let me tell you I sure did, never has a Disney trip involved so much bodily fluid and wardrobe changes. However one thing I have learned since the day Isabella was born is that parenting involves rolling with the punches. So we still put on our Minnie mouse ears and had a great time, even if our time at the parks was shortened because of needing to leave and let the babies rest a little.  I was beyond thankful to have so many helping hands along. And it was so much fun to watch my girls take everything in. They might not remember it all that clearly later in life but it was so much fun to have them experience it at the age where everything amazes them! It was so awesome to watch Isabella run up and hug on Tinkerbell and to crack up watching Evelynn dance like a maniac in the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room. Susan told me that this would probably be like child birth and I would forget the bad parts later so I decided I better get it down in writing before that happens. Just in case I ever try to convince myself or anyone else that Disney with toddlers is relaxing or easy. It may be loads of fun but relaxing and easy it is not. My biggest advice should you dare to embark on a Disney adventure with 2 under 3 is this- bring lots of extra clothes and lot of extra helpers!



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