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One month down and counting

So tomorrow Isabella will be one month old. That means I have been at this hospital for 1 month and 3 days, I think I have slept at home for 5 of those days. Some days I am tempted to rip out the baby’s feeding tubes, take off all her wires and make a run for it. However with hospital security measures I am pretty sure I would only make it a few feet down the hall before getting tackled down by a team of high energy nurses. And I am pretty sure that would be the end of my great relationship with the medical staff here.

Bella seems to be doing better than her mother however and is thriving in this brightly lit, loudly beeping, medicated smelling environment. She is up to 4 lbs 8.5 oz after gaining almost 3 oz last night. We have been working on breastfeeding and so far she has been able to take about half of her feed by breast and than gets the rest via feeding tube. The nurses say this is great for her gestational age of 33 weeks and 4 days. Tomorrow we will met with occupational therapy to try her out on bottle feeds as she will need to do bottled part time for the next month or so, to get fortified breast milk.

She graduated into a big girl crib and it is great to have her looking less like a museum piece or pet iguana (as her uncles liked to refer to her). And I also have been given free reign to change or hold her whenever I want to, it’s almost like I am a real mom! It has been so fun to finally get to have other people hold her and enjoy her too.


Also yesterday we attended our infant CPR class offered through the NICU. As nerve wracking as it can be to hear of all the scary things that can happen to any baby and are even more common with preemies, it is nice to feel a little more knowledgable about how to respond.
This weekend my family is throwing a baby shower for me and baby. I am looking forward to time with the ladies outside of this hospital and eating food that is infinitely better than what is delivered to me on plastic trays! Also excited to start preparing to bring my baby girl home and start on the journey of parenting!

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