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God is good!

Just wanted to come on and brag a little bit about our amazing baby girl! Yesterday she was able to come off of the CPAP machine and is now breathing 100% on her own. That was very exciting progress for her as the Doctor had just told us the day before that it would probably still be a week before she could come off of it. Her stats have been staying great so they say she has a 90% chance of staying off of it for good. They did warn us that if she got any sort of infection or set backs that they would have to put her back on it.

Last night we were also able to go up to twice a day holdings, which is so great! Yesterday during our “kangaroo care” we were finally able to see her with her eyes open. Her eyes had been pretty swollen due to the CPAP machine so until last night they had only been open for a split second. As soon as she was placed on my chest her eyes were open and looking around everywhere. She was so mellow and just seemed to be trying to watch me and her daddy. It was so incredible to watch her little face without the contraptions and her eyes wide open.

Also today they were able to turn off her phototherapy lights because her jaundice appears to be clearing up. And they are hoping to be able to take out her IV this afternoon which means her arms will be free of splints. They were also able to relocate her feeding tube to her nose which is much more comfortable for her and will help her to be able to practice nuzzle. They have been upping her feedings more and more everyday and she is handling them very well. They may have me practice “dry feedings” today to get her used of the idea of breastfeeding. Last night she was back up one more oz so we are back to 3lbs 4 oz!

We have had a couple of scares where her heart rate has dropped from 160 down to 30 beats a minutes, setting off all the alarms. As much as they assure us that this is totally normal in preemie babies for their hearts to forget to beat for a minute it is still very scary when they happen, and we both feel very helpless. The slower her heart beats the faster ours pound! They do say that this will happen less and less often as she grows.

So all in all we are feeling so excited for her progress. And totally amazed with God and modern medicine. We have gotten the best care and are so impressed with this hospital and how much they support us spending as much time as possible with her. And we are seeing the effects of all the people we have praying for her health and growth, as well as peace for us!

I also wanted to let people know to feel free to come and visit if they want to meet little Isabella. I have had a few people say they didn’t want to ask in case we were not comfortable with visitors. So we just wanted to let you all know we are more than happy to show off our darling little girl. Just text or call first to make sure we are here and available, as she is not supposed to have visitors much when being held. Also no one under 16 is allowed into the NICU unless they are a sibling, much to her cousins’ disappointment!

Thank you all for your continued thoughts, prayers and encouragement!


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