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So it has been a while since my last blog… I am terrible with staying committed to things! Hence the reason my weight ping pongs up and down non stop, why I changed jobs 4 times in my 5 years at Horizon, and why I never became really great at any instrument, sport or hobby.  

Anyways the last couple of months have been kinda crazy and the next few look to be shaping up into more of the same. Our latest adventure was a road trip to Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico. Yes it is a town called Chihuahua in a state called Chihuahua and yet much to my disappointment. I did not meet one small yappy dog that greeted me with ” Yo Quiero Taco Bell”. 

We did however have a great time getting to know some of Julios family, well as much as you can get to know 30 people in 5 days with an extreme language barrier. We had great food and they all had a lot of laughs, I more or less observed as they laughed, since most of the jokes were miles above my limited Spanish speaking abilities. It was Julio’s grandpas 90th birthday while we there and let me tell you that guy is an inspiration! He has been alive since 1920 and he still can walk miles a day. He walked around town with us for hours without one complaint so we could buy him a watch. After that we dropped him off at home so he could rest and went for a walk to the park. We stopped to get ice cream and turned around and who was behind us but Grandpa following us on foot all the way from home! 

He told us stories of never having driven a car, and growing up in a small village in Mexico. And Friday for his birthday celebration he ate his cake, drank tequila and listened to the mariachi band for hours. We kept asking if he was tired and wanted to go home and rest but he said no, he was too happy! So apparently Tequila and lots of walking are the keys to life and longevity!

It was a great time, even though it was incredibly frustrating for me to not be able to be involved in all the conversations…next year I better get to know more Spanish before we go back! I loved watching the kids and teens because their tones of voice and body language translate through any language barriers. It amused me to no end that I could know almost exactly what the teenage girls were saying to their moms without even understanding one word! It is great how much some things are the same everywhere and I felt right at home with his family. The kids were still running and jumping and getting filthy dirty playing in the dirt. There was still an abundance of food, woman gossiping, teens laughing, and men chatting about whatever it is men chat about. Sometimes I don’t even understand men when they speak English.  I felt like it could have been any one of my family functions, well besides the fact it was slightly smaller, slightly more alcoholic, and I was a great deal quieter!

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