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For the love of food…

Dieting…this word has become the bane of my existence for the last couple of years. It used to be so easy for me to just go on low carb and bam I would lose 5 or 10 or even one time 50 lbs. Now that I am getting older, and am married all of a sudden it seems impossible to take off my newlywed 10 (ok ok I will be honest more like the newlywed 20). And you may mock me saying that I am “older”
but that came straight from my doctors mouth!  I have tried various things Weight Watchers, low-carb, low-calorie, walking and the weight will just not goanywhere! It is so difficult when you have a husband and roommate to preparefood for every night. Not to mention a husband who thinks you are sexy just theway you are, big butt and all! Well at least he tells me he thinks that 🙂

Anyways…. me and Diana recently embarked on attempt # 992 to get my eatingback on track. And  I think this one may be THE one, the one that finallyworks, and if not it sure has been one of the more unconventional andentertaining diets I have tried.  We pledged that we would send a picture to each other of every SINGLE piece of food that we stick in our mouths. There is no limits on what we can eat, just how much of it. The only 2 requirements are that we have to be hungry when we eat and we must take a photo showing our consumption. 

It is amazing how much less you eat when you have to stop, find

your phone, take photographic proof and confess to your sister, all before it hits your lips. You can’t just clean everyone else’s plates while cleaning up the dinner mess, or have your 32nd bite of brownie, cause “they were just small bites”, or eat an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s in one seating. It has really opened my eyes up to how rarely I eat because I NEED it.  There has been a few
times I stopped with the piece of chocolate half way to my mouth and realized, oh crap! I can’t just pop this thing in my mouth and pretend it never happened.
So I stop and think about why I am eating this candy and it is amazing how often, I realize I was going to eat it because I was tired, or bored, or emotional, or my favorite of all I DESERVE IT!! Also there is times I just wasn’t even thinking at all just absent mindedly eating because everyone else was! I am pretty sure over the last week I have cut my calorie consumption at least in half if not more – just by being a conscious eater. I have eaten all my favorite foods, countless pictures of chocolate, cookies, or a scoop of ice cream have been passed between me and Diana. However even with that I am still down a couple pounds, and even better than that I am finally getting back in control of my eating. Yesterday was Easter, and you know what? I managed to stick to my “Diet” on a holiday and not feel ripped off at all!
Actually it was surprisingly nice to not spend the entire day loosening my pants, stuffing myface, and drifting in and out of a food coma! So here’s hoping it keeps working…and thank goodness for great food, supportive sisters, and unlimited photo messaging!


  1. i need in on your trend do you know how many jelly bellies i eat this weekend????? not to mention the countless times i sat at the kitchen counter and ate just because i didnt know what else to do???? my mom wants me to start hitting the gym with her but….. it the gym which includes me getting off my fat but… which matt tells me every day that he loves…….. love you Mrs. G! started my own blog ilovemymatt.blogspot

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