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Attitude of Gratitude!

Attitude of gratitude… I don’t know who it is that originally coined this phrase but it has been on my mind a lot lately. How different my life would be if I could stay within a constant attitude of gratitude. Imagine if I woke every morning and rolled over and looked at my husband and really thought about all the reasons I have to be grateful for him being in my life. If instead of being annoyed when he gives me advice i would think,  wow I am so glad I finally have a leader!! Or when I have to do even more of his laundry, thinking wow, I am so glad that I have a husband to do laundry for after years of
praying for one!

And imagine if instead of whining and complaining while cleaning my house I would stop and really truly admire it. Think about how blessed I am to have this beautiful home to clean, and dishes to do and access to wonderful food to make! Than when I am leaving to work if I could stop for a moment and remember all the people who have lost their jobs and how glad I am that God has seen fit to keep me in mine. There are so many people who would be so glad to still be going to their mundane jobs day after day!

And when I am getting frustrated with the family drama or annoyed with my mother,  if only I could turn my mind towards how absolutely amazingly blessed I am to have such a wonderful godly and loving family. So many people would give anything to have one more conversation with their mothers, who have passed away. Or to have one more family gathering with their brother they no longer speak with. What an incredible blessing it is to have a family that loves you enough to want to call and tell you their problems, and ask for advice or prayers, and nag you to come spend time with them!!

It was just a few years ago that I was single, lonely, in a dead end job,living back at home with mom and dad. And I would tell myself “if only I wouldfall in love” or “if only I could move out again” or “if only I had a betterjob”.  And now here I am with an amazing husband, a job I enjoy (on most days!), a home owner, and the promise of so much more good stuff to come. And if the Carrie from a few years ago could come and see me now I am pretty sure
she would slap me across the face, and tell me to stop being an ungratefulbrat!! And to treat my husband, family and life like the daily gifts from God that they are!


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